Best WordPress Hosting

Having a great host for your website or blog is very important. A bad, unreliable host can cost you at the very least your reputation. How would it look if potential customers clicked on a search result link or a link in one of your newsletters and your site was unavailable or very slow to … [Read more...]

Should You Promote Affiliate Products?

Recently I started thinking about all the affiliate stuff that I’ve been promoting and I began to wonder why there are so many websites and blogs that promote things which are clearly bad products or services. One reason could be that the product looks good so that’s a reason to sell it. But just … [Read more...]

WordPress Event Calendars

I have a couple of client sites that needed to display events using a plugin. Over the past year I've been testing and playing around with various calendar plugins. I will list each one I have experience with below, and I'll give you my opinion about them. Some of them are good, but most just don't … [Read more...]

Must Have WordPress Plugins

Once the installation of WordPress has been done and your website is live, you’ll need a few plugins to improve the performance and visibility of your site. WordPress SEO by Yoast The best SEO plugin for Wordpress by far. This plugin will allow you to optimize your website's pages and posts … [Read more...]

WordPress Landing Pages

Landing pages are used by many websites to get visitors to do one thing and one thing only. They can be used as a sales page, an opt-in page, a product page, a video page and more. WordPress has many options and solutions for creating amazing landing pages. Before we take a look at some landing … [Read more...]