Building a website is a journey, not a destination. It’s a fluid, growing project, that needs to be maintained to keep it fresh and high-ranking. Neil is definitely the best co-pilot you could want on your journey!

He will complement your vision with his own extensive technical knowledge, which is second-to-none, and stems from his love of working on websites.

Always aware of new issues and developments, Neil is friendly, professional, and a great communicator.

He gets things done quickly and efficiently. Having Neil to help me with my websites has made all the difference to my business, and I am so delighted with the results. – Vanessa Villalobos (https://www.japaneselondon.com/)

Neil Egginton has provided an excellent service in updating my website. He’s answered all my questions very promptly and explained exactly what I needed to know, in good, clear layman’s terms.

He’s given my website a fresh, new look and ensured that it has remained up-to-date, and most importantly that the search engines can find it quickly and easily. All-in-all I’m delighted with what he has done and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. – Anthony Adolph (https://anthonyadolph.co.uk/)

After years of “developing” my own RapidWeaver websites, I faced the daunting prospect of converting a massive site with over 65 pages into two well-designed websites. I felt I needed a developer to take over the project, build the new sites and then hand the project files back to me to maintain. I posted my search criteria on a RW forum and Neil contacted me.

From the outset, my interactions with Neil impressed me. Neil is above all a kind man with a generous heart with whom it is a pleasure to work. Neil has a fantastic sense of how to design a modern, smartphone responsive website that also looks beautiful on a tablet or desktop computer. He is completely up-to-date on advanced issues with SEO and knows the subtleties of Google’s algorithms. He uses every trick to keep the sites he designs lean and efficient. This means that sites he builds load in under two seconds.

As a person who had used RapidWeaver since version 2, I thought I knew some things about RW, but I had gotten stuck at version 6 long after version 7 was released. Neil showed me how much more could be done with RW 7 by leaving behind “themes” and building sites with Foundation. With my busy professional life, the tools in Foundation were too complex for me to use to build new sites, but I have found it easy to maintain the Foundation sites built in RW 7.

First Neil rebuilt my 65-page site into two sites, one with four pages and one with five pages. These two new sites are easy and quick to navigate. My customers can now access everything on my sites easily. The results showed immediately in increased sales and praise from my customers. Then Neil redesigned my two, other existing RW sites with equally impressive results.

I encourage anyone interested in building a new site or in updating and modernizing an existing site to retain Neil. His fees are reasonable. He is an attentive listener who knows when to offer significant changes that will improve the final result. I trust Neil and I highly recommend him. – Andrew M. Leeds Ph.D.